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1. What is Zizzee Hot Deals?
Zizzee is finding out special offers and deals provides to you every day for support Thailand tourism by offering all bargain packages tour, hotels, resorts, transportation and full course buffet in grand hotels. Therefore, Hot Deals is only one place that offers you an absolutely spacial price that you can not find from any where else.

2. How to invite your friends?
�You can invite your friends as much as you like�!! If you have sent invitation to your friends for buying the deals, you will get 100THB. voucher for discount in the next purchase. (Friends are invited to buy deal MUST NOT BE a current member and they MUST buy deals on our website.

When you become a Zizzee's member, you will be able to send an invitation as follow in these 3 options

1) Sharing on Facebook by click on �share� to your friends
2) Sending friends an invitation by e-mail
3) Copy the link on Zizzee Hot Deals Profile page and share it to friends

3. How do I get a Hot Deals?

1) Click on �Buy� button anytime before expiry date
2) Choose payment option
3) Verifying payment details
4) Coupon will be sent as the link by e-mail for printing.

4. Do I have to use my Zizzee Hot Deals coupon on the same day of purchasing?
No. It's NOT necessary to use this coupon on the same day of purchasing. Because the coupon is able to use until the expiry date. Please check for full details of terms and conditions before using.

5. How do I use Zizzee Hot Deals coupon?
When the your transaction is completed, the coupon will be sent directly to your e-mail for printing. It includes the instruction of redeeming coupon and hotel location for travelling hotel easily!!

6. Can I use Zizzee Hot Deals coupon with other hotel offers and promotions
Zizzee Hot Deals coupon is NOT able to use with any hotel offers and promotions. Please check terms and conditions before using.

7. What happens if the coupon expired?
You have appropriate length of time for using the coupon. If the coupon expired, the right of using will be canceled so the you CAN NOT use it.

8. Can I cancel my transaction ?
You CAN cancel the transaction anytime if the transaction has NOT YET delivered. In case of transaction has been completed, you are not allowed to cancel. Zizzee has the right to cancel the transaction if failure causes are from accidently or unpredictable cases (such as incorrect prices or information) If your complete transaction is canceled, Zizzee will give you a refund.

9. What happens if the business that I purchase a coupon on Zizzee Hot Deals is closed
in case of merchant business is closed before the coupon expiry date. You CAN NOT redeem the coupon and we will give you a refund.

10. How do I receive a credit from inviting friends?
When you friends become a Zizzee member and purchase on Zizzee website, we will give you 100THB credit directly to your account. The credit from inviting friends will be approved when the your friends have made a purchase ONLY. To invite friends, you MUST log in your Zizzee account and click on �Invite friends� button. Please note!! friend who is NOT invited from your account is not eligible for the credits. However, you can check your credit in your Zizzee account by click on �Profile >> My invitation then the total amount of your credit will be appeared�
** zizzee company has the right to cancel the credit or any Hot Deals discount coupons if the coupons were obtained incorrectly.

11. If my name is shown on the coupon, can I give my coupon to anyone else as a present.
Of course YES, Zizzee Hot Deals coupon can be given as a present to anyone you like.

12. Is Zizzee safe to use?
YES, it is. Zizzee has hight security standard. All credit data is transmitted by SSL directly to a secure electronic vault with Paysbuy Payment Gateway. We do not keep credit card information on our servers.

13. How do I become a merchant partner of Zizzee ?
We welcome your business to be a part of us. Please click here for further information, we will contact you as soon as possible.