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More invitation more chance !!!!

When you become zizzee's friend you will be able to send invitation to your friends as much as you like !!! by
Log-in >> Click on "Profile" >> "My invitation."

How to invite.
1. Log-in at Zizzee Hot Deals page then click on "Profile"
2. Sharing to your friends on Social network such as Facebook, Twitter or sending through e-mail by click on logo "share deals"
3. Copy and post the personal link in the blog, e-mail, instant messenger program or any channels for sending an invitation to your friends
4 Click on "invite friends" menu which is always on the top right of all Zizzee Hot Deal pages

We will give you immediately 100THB of credit in your account in the first purchase of your friends, who are invited by you. We are kindly to reward you for recommending and sharing our special deals to anyone you like. Therefore, you will have chance to get the credit continually when you keep inviting your friends and family to buy our deals!!.

When your friend who is invited have done a registration with Zizzee hot deal, our system will collect their name as the list in the "my invitation" Therefore, if your friends in this list buy any deals from Zizzee Hot Deals, you will get 100THB of credit immediately!!!!. (available for the first purchase of friend who is invited by you. If the first purchase is paid by credit, the person who suggested friend (you) won't get the credit and friend who is using the credit needs to proof the status of being our member by phone number.)
If your friend who is invited by you has not bought any deals, the system won't list the name in the "my invitation" menu

How to use the credit
When you click "BUY" Hot deals. You need to fill amount of the credit in the gab then click "update balance". The system will withdraw the credit directly form total balance.